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When Your Dreams Have Yet to Blossom

Plant a seed and watch it bloom

READ: There is a proper time and procedure for every Matter….—Ecclesiastes 8:6 (NIV)

REFLECT: Carol and I wandered along, enjoying the beauties of the desert. After we stopped now and then to examine closely a cougar track, a cactus bud, I bent over a straggly weed, attracted by the dainty blue flowers it bore. About a quarter of an inch across, each had five oval petals and a minute yellow center.

“I don’t remember seeing these before,” I exclaimed.

“Well,” Carol said, “the paper says that some plants are up that have been lying dormant for twenty-five years.”

“Twenty-five years!”

I could picture a tiny seed, hidden under hard earth, waiting twenty-five years for exactly the right conditions so it could grow. I’m impatient because I don’t know what the Lord is going to do with me next month! What of the seed within my own deepest desire? I don’t know what its flower will look like. But if I wait….

PRAY: ….if I wait, Lord, You’ll cause it to bloom not just in good time, but in Your perfect time.

DO: Plant a small seed. Wait and watch as it blooms, just as you’re waiting for your dreams to bloom.

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