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Carving Out Small Devotional Moments

Keep your devotional time with God fresh and productive with these tips.

Erin Keeley Marshall, Author of Mornings with Jesus

I used to think the Bible was boring. Now I realize nothing could be farther from the truth. There’s something miraculous about attentively reading God’s Word and discovering its power to alter my focus, my heart and my day.  That’s why, during the school year, my quiet time consists of in-depth Bible study and a weekly group discussion, which keeps me focused. 

Inbetween in-depth, structured studies, I select a book from the Christian bestseller list. Obviously, it isn’t the same as reading God’s Word, but I often start there to jog my thoughts about truths I want to explore further in Scripture. Sometimes I’ll love what the author wrote, and other times it’ll prompt me to dig deeper into the Bible.

Another way I keep my quiet times fresh is by reading my children’s devotionals and Bibles with them. The wonderful simplicity of telling them Bible stories at their level reminds me of the core foundations of my faith. When I’m presenting God’s Word to them as truth, I inevitably ask myself if I’m living my beliefs wholeheartedly. For example, when I read them the story of Daniel and tell them we need to pray always with courage despite opposition, I ask myself: Am I doing that?

Sticking with a consistent time and place for Bible study would be great, but I’m one of many whose busy schedule doesn’t often led itself to that habit. So I’m always thinking creatively about how I can make the most of daily opportunities with God. I take my devotional materials with me in the preschool car line or library, or outside while my kids play in the yard.

I don’t berate myself for not having 45 minutes each and every day to spend alone in study and reflection. I make use of what little moments I can carve into regular activities. I’d rather have small successes than consistent disappointments for not meeting too-high expectations at this demanding season of life. God sees and knows our busyness, and he will bless our faithful efforts. He is fully able to bring fruit out of a five-minute quiet time if that’s all we have some days.

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