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Faith Lesson from a Stormy Night

Before the day’s end, make sure someone who needs hope sees it in and hears it from you.


Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven. Matthew 5:16 (KJV)

The wind tore leaves, limbs, and power lines. The storm raised rivers and felled giant maples. Winds toppled so many power poles that it will be days before power, phone service, and the internet are restored.

Because we live far from the nearest town, we have a generator we can run for short stretches to keep food in the freezer from spoiling. But the generator can’t handle normal electrical usage, so we’ve limited ourselves to only necessary electrical draws.

It’s natural to assume that with the power out, we would catch up on reading. There’s a reason pioneers’ and pilgrims’ eyes went bad reading by candle glow. We’ve propped flashlights so their circle beams land on the page we’re reading. But as frugal as we are to save the hard-working generator, I caught myself looking at the lamp on my desk and, reminiscent of a Dickens character, internally asking, “Please, sir, could I have this one small light?”

If you’re like me, you often feel that your influence to make a difference for others is no more influential than one small light in an otherwise pitch-black world. Little difference? Switch it off for a moment, and you’ll realize that its influence is much more significant than you imagine. People crave something that will help illuminate the mess they’re in and send the darkness fleeing. Jesus is that Light. We serve as His reflections. Jesus is asking, “Could I have your one small light?” It does make a difference.

Faith Step: Let your light shine brightly today, and before the day’s end, make sure someone who needs hope sees it in and hears it from you.

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