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A Comedian’s Love Advice

We did just what he suggested, and an amazing thing happened.

Behold, what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us….—I JOHN 3:1

My wife Nicole and I had been having a terrific time when we were at home with the kids. We talked when we could and laughed a lot. It was when we were alone that things became a little awkward. Not bad, mind you; it’s just that out of the situation we were most used to, we were a little out of step with each other.

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Then we found out that the new church we’re attending provides child care once every couple of months and gives all the parents a night alone. We jumped at the chance. It had been months since we’d been alone together.

We dropped the kids off at the church that night. I was heading back to our car when Nicole told me that the church had provided a speaker for the first hour of our time. I was angry: This was our time to be together, and they wanted to take up some of it. How dare they!

The speaker was a comedian; he was funny and, I have to say, I enjoyed listening to him. He ended his talk by saying, “Tonight, as you go out with your spouse, you are not allowed to talk about the kids, plans for the future, schedules or anything un-fun. You may only talk about your love for each other or reminisce about great times you’ve had. That’s it. Now go.”

We did just what he suggested, and an amazing thing happened: The awkwardness we had been feeling disappeared. Looking at and remembering all that was good about each other brought back all the feelings that had made us fall in love in the first place.

When I’m feeling out of step with God, I have found this same remedy applies. If I open my Bible and read about all the wonderful, tenderhearted things God has done for me, I can’t help but love Him in return.

Lord, on this Valentine’s Day, remind me to take the time to rediscover Your love in the people who are dear to me, and in Your Word.

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