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Put Spring in Your Spirit

Ask Jesus to plant fresh seeds of joy in your heart.

woman planting seeds in a garden

“Sing to God a brand-new song, sing his praises all over the world! Let the sea and its fish give a round of applause, with all the far-flung islands joining in. Let the desert and its camps raise a tune, calling the Kedar nomads to join in. Let the villagers in Sela round up a choir and perform from the tops of the mountains. Make God’s glory resound; echo his praises from coast to coast.” Isaiah 42:10 (MSG)

SPRING, SPRING, SPRING! Can you smell the fresh breeze through my open window? Ahhh!


I love the freshness of spring each year. I walk taller, feel healthier, enjoy more color in my face and a boost in my energy. Everything about spring breathes of life and newness. I love seeing green fields with baby calves reaching up for a drink from Mama. At home, I can’t get enough of my own children running coatless around our yard, exploring each square foot as if it were brand-new. I can’t help but lift my face to thank Jesus for the smile He gave me through His wonderful creation of springtime.

I guess that’s why I love Isaiah 42:10, which draws a picture of a world reveling in the joy of praising God. I can almost hear it. It’s amazing how God—the Ancient of Days, the Omega, the One Who Was and Is and Is to Come—is Lord not only of our past, but also of our future. He is Lord of all that will be new as he makes it beautiful in his time. (See Ecclesiastes 3:11.)

Imagine the newness experienced by people whose lives spanned the time before Jesus’ birth until after His death. The handful of His people who believed in Him back then felt not only the longing for the Messiah but also the new joy that He arrived at last!

If springlike praise has faded in your heart, ask Jesus to plant in you fresh seeds of joy.

Faith step: Draw a picture of something you’d like Jesus to make new. Write on it a favorite verse or song of praise.


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