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Clearing the Clutter, Finding Treasures

Tackling an overflowing storage room unearths some gems.

Clearing out the clutter and finding spiritual treasures.

I wrote recently about clearing out the old things from our storage room so I could add some new flooring and paint. Oh my, the stuff had really piled up in there!

This had always been our catch-all room for everything that didn’t have a home, but it piled up to the point of ridiculous when my mom, my dad, and my husband’s mom all passed away in a short period of time. We cleaned out three houses and mountains of boxes ended up in our storage room.

I’d meant to get to them for some time, but you know how that goes. Life gets in the way. Schedules are too crammed to have time for going through boxes. And, frankly, it was so overwhelming whenever I looked into that room, it was easier to close the door and pretend it didn’t exist.

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But you know what? Once I made the commitment that I was going to conquer that room, it became a pleasurable experience.

That’s how I found those unexpected treasures: Sweet photos of years gone by–my grandparents, my children and other family members; brand-new silverware, still in boxes; books from my mother’s vast library including some of my favorites from childhood and teen years.

I discovered an old copy of Rudyard Kipling that looks like it might be a first edition. I found a fascinating old book on prayer from the 1800s. Some I’ll keep to read and others I’ll use as décor because they’re so pretty.

I’ve packed up some books that belonged to my precious grandfather. Grandpa loved God so much, and he had a big collection of commentaries that my two preacher boys will love and use in their ministries. Treasures indeed.

And that made me think about something: God’s Word is also crammed with treasures–wise words, verses of comfort and guidance for life. Often we don’t discover them because we don’t dive into our Bibles and look for those priceless gems.

Sometimes all it takes is making that commitment and taking the first step, saying, “I AM going to spend time in my Bible. I am going to pay attention to what He wants to tell me.”

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Join me today in hunting for those unexpected treasures in His Word. I hope that by the time He’s through with me, all the junk will be gone from my life, and I’ll be clean and of use to Him.

Wouldn’t it be cool for Him to look at us and say, “Wow, look at that treasure!”

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