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The Here and Now

When I feel myself getting worried about what lies ahead, I ask myself these three questions…

Daily Devotionals blogger Julia Attaway

If I wrote out my to-do list for June I would hyperventilate. You might, too, just reading it.

A daunting schedule has, however, one advantage: Dozens of times each day I am forced to pull my thoughts back from the brink of being overwhelmed to the here and now. When my brain wanders too far ahead, I yank it back to today. It’s good exercise. Tiring, but good. I am getting better at living in today, instead of living in the fear of future stresses.

There’s a trick that helps. When I feel myself getting worried about what lies ahead, I ask myself:

  • What does God want me doing right now?
  • Who does God want me praying for right now?
  • What’s one small thing I can do right now that needs to be done?

They say the devil is the Father of Lies, but he’s also the Father of Fear. It’s impossible to walk with God when we’re paralyzed with anxiety.  

Asking God to remind us of the next step to take–no matter how simple or small–keeps us moving. Even if it’s something as minor as doing the laundry, we can do it with Christ and for Christ. And bit by bit, inch by inch, we will get through what we need to do, with faith.

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