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Inspiration from Guideposts Readers: 2/9/11

It’s What Inspires You Wednesday! This week, we chose five comments from our Facebook page.

It’s What Inspires You Wednesday! This week, we chose five comments from our Facebook page.

Vicki Bashor
I heard a quote recently that has inspired me: “Why buy a bookmark for a dollar when you can use the dollar for a bookmark?” I know this is a financial quote, but I heard this just before Christmas and I have noticed this quote has been saving me dollars every day. I am 45, it’s a simple message and you’d think I would have gotten this when I was 25, but I didn’t. Now I do! Praise God for restraint, direction and help making ends meet!

Becky Cleveland Pate
Full of inspiration each and every day! Began volunteering to help out a friend in need of a total transformation of her home, in order to start a new positive life for herself and the results already are amazing! It just goes to show what a little paint and your own two hands can do to help someone lift their spirits back up, and to see them smile is the best inspiration that one can feel. Wishing everyone a blessed and prosperous day…love and light to all!

Linda Gardner
I just read in the paper today about a fellow in Jacksonville, Florida, who lost his job as a firefighter and ended up being homeless with a family to raise. He started again by cleaning toilets for free to prove himself. He didn’t have money for gloves so he even had to use his bare hands to clean the toilets. For more than a year he worked without pay until he built his business up. He at one time was in a job that he could be called a hero for—in my book he is a hero. I have no right in the world to feel sorry for myself. He didn’t sit around feeling sorry for himself—he got up and did what was necessary for his family. It may not be the best job in the world in some people’s eyes, but he does his best at it! This fellow has it all together and he really made me think about what is important in life and not to take things for granted!

Mel Finefrock
What inspires me this week is lightning glass. Isn’t it interesting how, when humans are struck by lightning, they die or are seriously injured; yet if lightning strikes sand in just the right way, the powdery sediment morphs into glass? Sure, you can see the lightning’s path long after the glass has formed, but even with its jagged scars, lightning glass is pure and refined in every way. I wish I could be more like sand. That way, when figurative lightning bolts darted toward me, I’d be transformed rather than destroyed; from fragmentation I would be assembled into something wholesome, immaculate and beautiful. But perhaps, for me, the refining process has only begun. There is no doubt that this facet of nature was intended by God to inspire such resilience in us, His children. Sand has no choice but to yield to lightning’s power, while we humans have every right to either allow adversity to burn us beyond recognition or to let it convert us into works of art.

Michelle Moir Sandstrom
I was flipping through Matthew and came across Matthew 7:7: “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”

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