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Latest Funny Quotes

We did it because we didn’t have the sense to know it couldn’t be done.

Sid Caesar, Comedian

What really scares me most, more than nukes or cancer, is a man or woman without a sense of humor.

Jonathan Winters, Comedian

Heavenly forecast: Reign Forever

Church sign in Johnson City, Texas

Even Jesus had a fish story.

Sign in front of a church in Cleveland, Oklahoma

If you are able to laugh, you are the owner of the world.

Roberto Benigni, Italian comedian and Oscar-winning director

Let’s meet at my house Sunday before the game.—God

Billboard on an Arizona highway

God has unlimited anytime minutes.

Church sign in Smithfield, Virginia

Fastest way to heaven: knee mail.

Sign on a church in Buford, Georgia

Part of managing to grow old gracefully is that you just take the next step and hope you don’t fall when you take it.

Walter Cronkite, Former CBS news anchor

Under the same management for 2,000 years.

Written on a sign outside a church in Eden, North Carolina
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