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7 Simple Ways to Make Someone’s Day

A compliment, a note, an inexpensive gift–all easy ways to spread a little joy.

7 simple ways to make someone's day

While scrolling through Facebook this morning, I noticed that someone had taken the trouble to compliment a man on his posts. “Thank you!” he replied. You made my day!” That simple exchange just hit me. If it’s that easy to make someone’s day, why don’t we do it more often?

Well, here are some ways to do that:

1.  If you think something nice about someone, tell them. I suspect it will mean the world to them. I did that one day while standing in line at a department store. An elderly lady was standing in line in front of me. She was so pretty and well-groomed. I said, “You are so beautiful and dressed so cute. I’d give anything to look like you someday.” People in line joined in, saying that they had thought the same thing. She said it had been years since someone had told her she was beautiful. That sweet lady was radiant as she left—and I’d almost missed that blessing because I’d been hesitant to say something.

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2.  If you hear someone say something nice about another person, pass that comment along to the actual person. We don’t always get to hear the compliments paid to us, and that’s a shame.

3.  Send a card or letter. Comments on social media are great, but there’s something special about taking time to write a handwritten message. I have a box of cards that I’ve received and kept. Each one is a treasure and offers fresh encouragement every time I go back and read it.

4.  Invite someone to meet you for lunch or coffee. Or visit a family member or friend. All of us want to be loved and needed. Give the gift of your time.

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5.  Ask a single parent or a senior citizen what you can do to help them. Somehow it always works out that both of you receive a blessing from those offers.

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6.  Send a note to your pastor, a schoolteacher, your doctor or your boss, and thank them for what they’ve done for you, how their services have helped.

7.  Buy a gift for someone. It doesn’t have to be expensive but something that shows you know his or her heart. For instance, my husband has a hobby that requires close examination of detailed work. While I was at the eye doctor’s office one day, I saw a little magnifying light for sale. It could be worn on his finger and would magnify and light up what he was working on. I just paid $5 for it, but whenever he uses that little light, he has a reminder that I love him. 

So thanks, Clint Eastwood, for the expression, “Go ahead, make my day!” Imagine how much better our world would be if each of us took a loving approach to those words and tried to do just that for someone else. 

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