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5 Ways to Help Feed Shelter Pets

Hungry animals desperately need us!

Peggy Frezon shares tips on pet food drives

Last week I had an extra coupon for dog food and decided it was time to buy a bag of nutritious kibble for a shelter pup in need. I knew that shelters are often under-funded and depend on donations to stay open.

Then I decided to take things one step further and ask my friends to donate pet food too. To help a shelter near you feed all those homeless pets, start a pet food drive with these tips:

1. Decide where you will donate the food.
Call your local shelters and ask if they accept private donations. Or check this list to find a local pet food bank near you.

2. Collect the food.
Look in your Sunday newspaper for coupons. Scan pet store fliers for sales. When you go to buy your own dog food, grab an extra bag for some special pets in need.

3. Hold an event.
Want to collect even more food? You could sponsor a dog wash with the proceeds going toward the food drive. Or how about holding a pet trick show with the admission price a bag or can of pet food? Enlist your kids’ 4-H club or Sunday School class to get involved. Spread the word with posters, or ads in the community paper. If you have a blog, post about your food drive. The group “Be the Change for Pets” recently used social networking and a successful Facebook campaign encouraging others to join their pet food drive.

4. Go forth and deliver.
Depending on your schedule, make a weekly delivery, or store the food (in bins in a garage, perhaps) until you have time to make a trip. Enlist help to heft those boxes and bags!

5. Think BIG!
For the more advanced, and energetic, consider starting your own pet food bank. This article on takes you through the specific steps you’ll need for start-up procedures, filing forms and taxes.

Animal shelters and other pet organizations provide a wonderful service by taking in homeless animals. Let’s help them keep these dogs and cats well fed until they find their furr-ever homes.

Peggy Frezon, freelance writer and pet lover, has owned dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, hermit crabs, turtles and fish. Visit here twice monthly to read helpful tips on caring for your pets, and check out her blog, Peggy’s Pet Place and follow her on Twitter @peggyfrezon.

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