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Someone Cares: A Boo for You

How spreading Halloween cheer became a way to feel more connected in the community.

An illustration of a Halloween bucket filled with various goodies; Illustration by Coco Masuda

One day last October, I pulled into my driveway and spotted something on my front porch. It was a large plastic bowl, decorated for Halloween and filled with goodies. There was candy, a pumpkin-shaped candle and a bottle of wine. The sign in the bowl said, “You’ve Been Boo’d!” and asked me to pass it on by secretly leaving a small holiday gift on another neighbor’s porch.

My family had so much fun deciding which neighbor to “Boo” and shopping for treats to surprise them. Dropping off the boo basket on their porch without being seen was also quite an adventure!

Our neighborhood keeps the tradition going at Easter and Christmas, so we never know when we’ll come home and find a little surprise on our porch. We have a good time guessing which neighbor visited us, and it has helped us feel more connected as a community.

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