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Someone Cares: Color Me Calm

A woman who struggles with depression and anxiety is introduced to a calming practice by a pal.

A young woman smiles serenely as she colors in a coloring book

My friend Cathy looks out for me since she knows I struggle with anxiety and depression. She pays attention to my feelings and is quick to offer encouragement when I need it.

But I was surprised when she sent me a package of coloring books and colored pencils. I’m in my thirties—I couldn’t remember the last time I’d colored! Cathy said she’d heard the activity was good for reducing stress. I thought, Why not give it a try?

Cathy was right. It calms me down. I get lost in the colors, and my problems fade into the background. I like coloring so much that I’ve downloaded an app on my phone that lets me color on the go. And I’ve started telling everyone I know about it—I even colored at a museum exhibit on a date!

I’ve spent years looking for good stress busters. Now I know that a little coloring will make me feel a whole lot better.

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