5 Real Adoption Stories to Warm Your Heart

These happy adoption stories show us the miracle of divinely found families.

Families come in all shapes and sizes, each one lovingly orchestrated from above. Rejoice in the blessings of adoption with these powerful stories of families who were divinely brought together.  

Written by mothers for mothers, with warmth, honesty, and even a bit of humor, Daily Guideposts: 365 Spirit Lifting Devotions for Mothers reflects on all aspects of a mother’s life through the eyes of faith.


1 of 6/ 1. A Series of Miracles

Cheryl Morgan sat at her small kitchen table, working on a list of the things her family need for the adoption of four children from the Philippines. Their family was about to double in size. Prioritize! Cheryl told herself. A larger kitchen table was definitely a priority. Unless they were planning to eat in shifts, they’d need to find seating for eight. Cheryl penciled that in, under her note for the extra freezer they’d need to store the massive amounts of food they somehow had to buy. They needed bunk beds, a minivan so they could fit the whole family in one car. The list seemed endless. How would they ever manage

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2 of 6/ 2. God’s Plan

“Mrs. Burklew? We have some disappointing news. I am so sorry, but the baby won’t be coming after all.” Terrie Burklew was speechless. Just like that—their adoption fell through. Her husband, Matt, saw her disappointment and hugged her. “We’ll find our baby,” he said. Terrie went to bed. God, I’m so confused, she prayed. You moved my heart to desire a baby instead of an older child. I am ready for a baby. Why did you close the door? 

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3 of 6/ 3. The Dream

Was this a church? The high, vaulted ceilings made it seem like one—almost but not exactly. That’s the way things often were in Molly Pennington’s dreams, and she was dreaming now. Deeply. A woman entered the room. With her was a small child, a girl in soft, lavender footie pajamas. She was barely a toddler, still a baby in many ways. Her brown hair was braided and her big, dark eyes were beautiful. But it wasn’t their beauty that struck Molly so much as the quiet courage she saw reflected in them as the child took a tentative step forward.  

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4 of 6/ 4. Meant to Be

“I’m taking a break from fostering,” Peter Mutabazi told the caseworker who called about a placement in 2018. Four days earlier, Peter had to say goodbye to the two brothers he’d been fostering for seven months. His heart was hurting, but the caseworker talked him into taking Anthony, just for the weekend. Peter purposely didn’t ask any questions about Anthony’s situation because he didn’t want to get attached. Anthony arrived in the middle of the night. “Can I call you Dad?” he asked Peter. 

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5 of 6/ 5. Divine Vision

As a kid growing up in rural Arkansas, Walt loved to wander the woods. He enjoyed the time alone. He felt closest to God alone among the trees, under the dappled sun. One hot summer day, Walt paused to rest during one of his walks. Suddenly something flashed through his mind. A clear picture formed. There he was in a yard, all grown up. He was twirling a little girl around in his arms. She had dark brown eyes and olive skin; she looked nothing like green-eyed Walt. Yet he knew this was his daughter. And he even knew her name. 

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6 of 6/ Daily Guideposts: 365 Spirit Lifting Devotions for Mothers

Here are specially-chosen devotional entries for each day of the year from the best of Daily Guideposts. With warmth, honesty, and even a bit of humor, these reflections look at all the aspects of a mother’s life — at home, on sports sidelines, as a provider, teacher, or comforter — through the eyes of faith.

Each informal devotion contains a short Scripture, a true anecdote that illustrates the ways God speaks to mothers through the ordinary events of life, and a brief prayer to help direct the reader’s own prayers. It all helps put the day’s message to work in a mother’s busy life.

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