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Safe In His Father’s Arms

A spiritual realization while watching a little boy ride a roller coaster for the first time.

Boy on a roller coaster

Last week at an amusement park, I stood in line to board a roller coaster. I watched a little boy buckle in beside his father. They were several people ahead of us, and I couldn’t help but overhear the running conversation between the boy and his dad. 

The boy was nervous and scared about his first time on a big ride. He was proud that he now met the height requirements, but uncertain whether or not he’d actually enjoy the experience. His father reassured him that although there would be scary moments, he’d be there with him through it all. 

By the time they seated themselves in the cars, all his fear was gone. On the little boy’s face was an expression of joy and anticipation. He giggled and snuggled tight against his daddy, looking forward to the adventure without any worries. It was the father who checked the harness, adjusted the bar across their laps and put his arm around his son. You could tell he was making sure that little fellow stayed safely in his seat.

As I watched all this unfold, I was taken back to the time when our son entered the military. He’d been nervous and scared, but proud he measured up to the qualifications that allowed him to serve.

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And as scared as I was when he left for war, he wasn’t alone. I know that seated right beside him was God, Who cares deeply for each of us. No matter the ups and downs that we—or our loved ones—face, or the uncertain times ahead, we always have a loving Father whispering reassurances beside us.

Knowing that God is always with us can turn a frightening situation into one full of adventure. When we face something we’ve never done before, He tucks us in close, encircling us with His loving arms, keeping us safe no matter what

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