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A Back-to-School Prayer for Our Children

An important time to guide and protect our children as they begin a new school year.

Back to School with OurPrayer and Team Jesus Magazine

As children head back to school after summer vacation, some are excited while others probably wish summer would never end. But just as we once did, they will reconnect with friends and make new ones. They will learn and grow throughout this new school year. Childhood, though brief, is an important season in life—making powerful memories that live forever.

Parents and grandparents have a huge opportunity and responsibility to nurture the bodies, minds and spirits of our children. The Scripture teaches us that children and grandchildren are a blessing from God. In the Bible, when the mother brought her young ones to Jesus, He blessed them and explained to the disciples that they must become like children to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. All God’s little ones are precious in His eyes, and we must take extra precautions to keep these little ones safe.  

These are also challenging times for kids as they go back to school. With all that is happening in the world, their safety is not guaranteed. We have seen more than our share of school shootings, and with social media, bullying is taking place now more than ever. Kids face social, academic and physical pressures at school and home.

We must watch over the children in our care or in our communities with prayer. We must think of ways to help them be the best they can be and to teach them how to become loving, caring and purpose-driven adults. We must always pray for their well-being, safety and personal success. We must teach them about God, faith, caring for others and becoming stewards of our planet. This is a huge job, but we don’t have to do it alone—we have God, our churches and communities who can help us bless these children.

Lord, bless our children as they return to school and teach us how to guide them in their social and spiritual development. 

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