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Nurse Kitties

These felines helped nurse their unwell owner.

This blog is usually posted on Fridays. But last Friday, I couldn’t post, because I was home sick in bed.

But I’m better now, because I had two of the best nurses ever: Sal and Dean.

Well, no, they couldn’t take my temperature or bring me chicken soup…but they did provide me with a prescription that eased my flu-like symptoms: kitty-love!

The two of them took turns in two different positions on my bed as I slept off the illness.

One would nudge my arm until I lifted it slightly, at which point she would burrow underneath and curl up. Then, she’d let me hug her close, like a teddy bear…a warm, purring teddy bear! I’d concentrate on the soothing vibrations until I drifted off.

The other would stand guard on the other side of the bed, as if she were protecting me from bedroom invaders! The two of them would switch up every so often. I’d go to sleep hugging Sal, and I’d wake up hugging Dean!

When my husband came home from work later that day, he made sure I was okay. Then he sat down in the living room to play video games so that I could sleep more. But he couldn’t get much playing in, because one of the cats would run out and try to get his attention every time I stirred!

It was unreal. My kitty nurses really came through for me! Do your cats take care of you when you’re sick?

                                                                                —Jessica Bloustein

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