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Edward Grinnan Tells GMA About the Dogs Who Changed His Life

In a moving interview, Guideposts‘ Editor-in-Chief and Good Morning America host Robin Roberts talk about the dogs they’ve loved.

Edward Grinnan and Gracie at the Good Morning America studios

Guideposts Editor-in-Chief Edward Grinnan stopped by Good Morning America with his dog Gracie to chat with host Robin Roberts about his new book, Always By My Side

“This is a book for people who have loved dogs in a way that they never expected,” he told Roberts. “If you find there are certain days of your life when your dog is the most important thing, this is who I wrote the book for.” 

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The book, a collection of stories about the dogs that have influenced Grinnan’s life over the years, was inspired by the passing of his beloved Millie, a Golden Retriever.

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In the segment that aired March 23, Roberts, who shared her own inspirational story about her mom with Guideposts a few years ago, described the joy that her dog KJ brought to her life. The two talked about how animals have an uncanny ability to be there, just when you need them most, and what Roberts described as “the unbreakable bond between humans and dogs.” 

Grinnan also told the story of how his wife’s dog, Rudy, brought the two together. (Despite the fact that he initially called little Rudy “the fattest Cocker Spaniel I’ve ever seen.” Fortunately, Rudy took a liking to him.) He also described how their dog Millie helped the family heal from loss. 

“They’ve made me a better person,” Grinnan said of the dogs in his life. ” I think I’m training them, but what they are really doing is teaching me.”

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Grinnan told Roberts he hopes the book will touch anyone who’s ever had a four-legged best friend. 

Watch the full interview below: 

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