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Gratitude Challenge–Part 5

Thanks for Christmas crafts, exercise, red plaid blankets and mom’s cooking

Giving thanks for mom's cooking, exercise, red plaid blankets and Christmas crafts

Wow, I can hardly believe that I’m more than halfway through my Gratitude Challenge, aka my quest to give thanks every day leading up to Thanksgiving. I can almost taste the turkey that awaits me at the end of this journey!

I must say I’m really enjoying writing down my thanks, even though it was a bit tough and awkward at first. Now I see the challenge as a chance to reflect on what’s going right and what’s going wrong in my life.

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Kind of like a daily performance review with God! One where I acknowledge blessings, miracles and wonders, but also confide disappointments, missteps and struggles. Regardless, I always leave the gratitude exercise feeling, well, grateful.

What about you? What are you feeling most thankful for right now?

Gratitude Challenge, Days 12-15

1)  ‘Tis the season to craft.
I spent all of last weekend making Christmas crafts with my mom. In fact, I stayed up late on Saturday just churning out handmade ornaments. I’d forgotten how much I enjoy crafting. And, more importantly, how fun it is to share the hobby with her!

2)  Healthy steps.
I’ve been trying to get healthy before the sugar cookies and gingerbread men descend upon us this holiday season. So I’ve turned to a regimen of gym classes, salads and–yup!–giving thanks. It hasn’t been easy, but I sure am feeling good!

3)  “No cavities.”
Are there any sweeter words to hear from your dentist? I don’t think so.

4)  A touch of plaid.
I just added a red plaid blanket to the navy blue couch in my family room. That simple addition upped my apartment’s coziness factor by at least 50%. My tiny apartment can sometimes seem like a tissue box. But I’m grateful for a place that, small as it is, feels like home.

5)  Mom’s cooking.
Growing up, I could have cared less about my family’s Turkish food. All those kebabs and strange stews. No thank you. What I would’ve given for dishes with names that were easy to pronounce! Now that my mom’s home cooking isn’t just a few feet away, I really miss it. Over the weekend I visited my parents, and Mom cooked dolma, aka stuffed grape leaves and vegetables. Well, from Friday to Sunday, I ate that dish like it was my job. Funny how those meals I once dismissed now mean so much.

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