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Celeste in the City: Manhattan Solstice

Join special projects editor Celeste McCauley as she explores this local phenomenon.


[JAZZ MUSIC] We heard there would be a very cool sunset on May 28 called the Manhattan Solstice. It’s also known as Manhattanhenge– when the setting sun aligns with the east-west streets of New York City’s main street grid. 

So right before sunset, we ventured out of our offices to get a glimpse of this amazing light show on 33rd Street. At the moment when the sun hit at just the right spot, lots of passersby, New Yorkers and tourists, got out their cameras and cell phones to snap some shots. Some who didn’t know what was happening stopped in their tracks when they saw the sun. 

Ooh, right. 

It all looked like something from a movie set. But it was real. It was magical. 

In the waning moments, how could I resist getting into a pedicab and riding off into that proverbial sunset?

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