Physical health is more achievable when exercise is part of your daily routine. Exercise benefits both your physical and mental health, balancing your energy level and easing stress, even as it strengthens your muscles. Consider the benefits of physical fitness, and get yourself into a workout routine that works for you.

Mitchell Hollis, founder of Run For God; photo by Michael A. Schwarz

He thought he knew what he was running for—until he figured out what he was running from.

Whether you are a casual runner or training for a marathon, these scriptures will uplift you and keep you moving.

Feeling His divine presence on the streets—and trails—of Manhattan.

The author and SoulCycle instructor shares how conquering the fear of exercise and of asking for help has helped him achieve fitness, both physical and spiritual, and sobriety.

Incorporating these moves into your daily routine can improve your overall health and prevent slips and falls.

Learn how to get past mental and physical roadblocks when exercising.

The fitness guru gives her tips for seniors to stay motivated and stay moving. 

You don’t have to be a backcountry pro to benefit from time in the great outdoors.

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The organization provides live—virtual and in-person—classes, as well as on-demand videos for participants of all levels.

Fitness influencer Joan MacDonald shares the lessons she’s learned along her fitness journey that can help you succeed in yours.

The owner of Panuel Bikes in Inglewood, California, shares tips for how families can enjoy cycling together and discusses the health benefits cycling bring to kids.

Marion Sheppard leans on her faith to encourage and inspire others with disabilities to keep it moving.

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