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Dancing My Way to Fitness!

How Zumba dancing is an enjoyable way to exercise.

Soon after beginning the New Healthy You program my good friend and co-worker Dianne Moore invited me to a local gym where she was a member. We went to a forty-five minute dance class called Zumba. I was sweating before the end of the first song! We were having so much fun that it didn’t feel as though I was exercising at all! About a week later I decided to join the club as well, so that I could continue the classes. Wanting to pass on my newfound exercise routine, I invited my best friend Christine Allen to the Zumba class. She too had a blast!

So, what exactly is Zumba? It’s a form of Latin dancing that is very fast paced and fun, but with simple repetitive movements. I have always enjoyed learning new things and by doing so, it has taken the boredom out of exercising. When exercising I find that if I am enjoying the activity, then I am much more likely to put more effort into it and continue doing the exercise. So, come on and Zumba with me!

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