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How to Transform Negative Feelings

Most pain, sadness and fear have almost nothing to do with God. This too shall pass.

Feelings pass

Have you ever noticed that the things that feel eternal—boring meetings, intense pain, deep sadness, heart-gripping fear—have almost nothing to do with God?

It makes me wonder: Why, in the midst of an intense feeling, do we feel as if it’s the Alpha and Omega?

Why are we so slow to learn that feelings pass? Why do we believe our feelings are more real than the living God? How do we get so lost in them?

I don’t know the answer, but I do know this: when I am overwhelmed by a negative feeling, whether it is fear or despair or hopelessness or anger, the thing that helps me most is to wrench my mind back to what I know is true:

Feelings pass. 

I am loved (even if I can’t feel it at the moment).

Christ died for me (even though I can’t figure out why right now). 

I can add good to the world (even while I am suffering).

Fear and sadness do not exist in heaven.

God can transform any nightmare into good (e.g., the cross).

My life does not have to be happy, comfortable or even remotely pleasant for me to serve the Lord. I can love Him—and WILL love Him—in all circumstances. The feelings of today will pass. Heaven is eternal. Let’s direct our thoughts to that. 

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