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Tips for a Better Budget

Get practical advice on spending, saving and the need to be accountable for your finances from Kenneth L. Sampson, Chaplain (Colonel) U.S. Army (Retired). Learn more in the free Guideposts publication Financial Readiness.


Whether we’re just starting out or dreaming of a secure retirement future, financial insight and advice is helpful for us all– things which we can practice day in and day out to make sure we have a secure financial future. We keep accurate records. We establish a budget. We set aside and look at the categories of where our money goes. We pay down our high interest loans. We establish accounts for savings and retirement. We remain accountable to someone. 

For myself, I’ve been blessed for over 38 years with my wife Kate, that we can together work these financial accountability issues. Then we partner with our creator, for as the proverb says, When we trust in God, all of these things we’ve put into planning will come about.

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