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5 Ways Prayer Can Help You

No matter when and where you pray, your life can be changed in key areas through its daily practice.

Why you should pray

Prayer is a spiritual discipline that many people wish to develop and strengthen. Lots of us struggle to devote a specific time of day to do so and wind up speaking with God at random points throughout the day. Regardless of how and when we pray, we can discover the countless things prayer can do for us, including these 5 key points:

1.  Prayer establishes a bond with God.

In a world of easy interconnectedness due to the internet, we can still feel lonely at times. But we can always talk to God. Our conversations with God build an everlasting and loving friendship. 

2.  Prayer voices our need for God.

Whether small or big, God is interested in our concerns and hopes. Prayer helps us find our voice in difficult times. It’s the voice that expresses our deepest emotions: pain, doubt, fear, anger, resentment, loss and the heart’s desires.  

3.  Prayer offers strength in difficult times.

When facing personal battles, remember you are not alone. Turn to God for strength. He will provide it.

4.  Prayer empowers us to face tomorrow with hope.

Bad news, personal setbacks, financial troubles, marital problems and much more can get us down. When all can seem lost, the power of prayer can help us see the promise of tomorrow. 

5.  Prayer connects us to others.

When someone we know is in need of prayer, we unite with them. Praying for others links us to one another and reminds us that we are all in need of God’s grace. 

The benefits and blessings of prayer go far beyond these five. In Colossians we read, “Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful.” Prayer can change our lives.

What does prayer do for you? Please share.

Lord, let us experience the power of prayer each and every day. 

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