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7 Prayers for Mom

Prayer may not be the only Mother’s Day gift you should give, but it should be one of them.

7 Prayers for Mom

I asked the moms among my friends on Facebook, “Imagine you were to overhear your child praying for you. What would you most love to hear him or her praying?”

I thought their answers might offer some helpful ways to pray for Mom this Mother’s Day weekend. And I was right. Judging from their answers, here are seven great ways to pray for your mom:

1.  To be an example
My friend Debbie, whose children are grown, says she would still most like their prayers for her “to be a godly example to others as I draw closer to Him each day.”

2.  For patience
My friend Cindy says she’d like to hear, “Please God, give Mom patience. She loves us, but we sometimes drive her a little bonkers.” 

3.  Grace in the mess
My niece, Elissa, said she’d like prayer “that I would know they love me even when I feel like I’m messing up.”

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4.  Wisdom, strength and joy
Robin, a writer friend, showed her writing chops in her answer. She said she covets a prayer like this: “Lord, give her the wisdom to know what You want her to do, the strength to do it and joy in her journey.”

5.  Rest
My friend Sonya replied to my hypothetical scenario: “This actually happened to me. Sawyer was asked in Sunday school to write out his biggest prayer. He wrote,

‘God thank you for my mommy and please give her some rest.’”

Sonya isn’t the only mom who needs a break, a nap, or a little R&R. My friend Jenn said her daughter sometimes prays, “Dear God, please help the baby sleep through the night tonight,” adding, “Seriously, when she prays this, that baby always sleeps perfectly! When I pray it, God teaches me perseverance instead.”

6.  To love God
Another writer friend, Crystal, says “probably the thing I wish for most is prayer that I would love God with all my heart, soul, and mind, like Jesus said in Matthew 22:37.” 

7.  To grow in Christ-likeness
Many of my friends, such as Connie and Jeanette, said they’d like their children to pray for them to become more like Jesus.

Several, of course, cited more specific requests they would like their children to make on their behalf—for healing or freedom from worry. The list could go on. But the seven prayers above would make a great start, and part of a fine Mother’s Day gift for anyone.

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