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4 Simple Reasons to Ask Others to Pray for You

When it feels as if everything is falling apart, it’s time to reach out to others. Here’s why.

Prayer group

When we ask others to pray for us, we are entrusting our hopes and desires to them, knowing they will keep us in their prayers and walk with us in our times of need. It’s a wonderful blessing to have people to count on. And there are many benefits from sharing our heart’s desires and prayer needs.

1)  Solid Advice

Sharing what is on our mind can remind us that we are not alone, and we may even feel relieved to voice our concerns. Also, we may receive some solid advice in return. If you don’t share, no one will know how to help you.

2)  Less Loneliness
We connect with others by expressing our prayer concerns. Too often, when going through a tough situation, many of us keep it to ourselves. This can lead to isolation and loneliness. By opening up and sharing our burdens, we can bridge the gap between us and others.

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3)  Increased Confidence
When we ask others to pray for us and share our concerns, our confidence increases. The support and prayers of others strengthens us. We can face challenges knowing people are on our side and cheering for us.

4)  Celebration
With prayer partners, we can celebrate victories large and small. Together we can lift up a banner of praise and thanksgiving for blessings, strength and answered prayers

So why carry your burdens alone? Share your prayer concerns with those near and far so you can stay positive even when it feels like everything is falling apart. When people pray for us we are strengthened, comforted and supported. 


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