10 Prayers You Can’t Live Without: I Blew It, God

Rick Hamlin reminds us that God forgives us, even if we don’t always forgive ourselves.


– Hi, it’s Rick Hamlin, 10 prayers you can’t live without. 

I blew it, God. I blew it, God. It’s about forgiveness. And I find it hard partly because you have to do it over and over again. You know, God forgives us pretty quickly, but we remember stuff and it can stay there. 

Zig Ziglar has a phrase about motivation, and he says, you know, you keep doing it because you get dirty. You need to wash. You need to take a shower. And I think it’s true with forgiveness. 

You keep doing it. It’s in the Lord’s Prayer for that very reason so we would keep doing that. Forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us. 

There is a wonderful story about a saintly woman in the Philippines, and she said she could speak to God and God, Jesus, spoke right to her. So an inquisitor said, well, if Jesus talks to you, next time you talk to Jesus, ask him what my sins are. She went back to the inquisitor, and he said, well, did you ask him? And she said, yes. He forgot. 

That’s what forgiveness is. Jesus forgot. God forgives and forgets, but we have to do it again and again and say, I blew it, just to get rid of it. I blew it, God. I blew it.

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