10 Prayers You Can’t Live Without: Pray Through a Crisis

Rick Hamlin explains that it’s ok to express our frustration and even anger in prayer.


Hi. It’s Rick Hamlin, “10 Prayers You Can’t Live Without.” 

Sometimes in prayer, we want to think we always have to be holy and praying for only things that are good. You know, there are moments when all you can say is, no, God, no. About two years ago, my brother-in-law was in a plane crash. Everybody else didn’t make it. He was the only survivor. But he survived. 

And for 24 hours when it was real touch and go, I prayed, no, no, God. No. When you’re angry at God, God needs to hear that you’re angry at him. If you’re angry with a friend, wouldn’t you say, I’m angry, and you preserve the friendship? 

Same thing with God. Even in those 24 hours, that, no, kept me connected to God when nothing else would have. My brother-in-law, thank God, did survive. But I still remember there are times in prayer when, no, exclamation point, no, is all I can really say.

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