10 Prayers You Can’t Live Without: The Lord’s Prayer

Rick Hamlin explains that Jesus taught us to pray for all mankind, not just ourselves.


Hi. It’s Rick Hamlin. 10 Prayers You Can’t Live Without. 


This is the fourth prayer, the Lord’s Prayer. 

Now, I won’t be the first person, and I trust I won’t be the last, who points out that this prayer is all in the first person plural. 

It’s our father. Give us this day our daily bread. Forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us. Lead us not into temptation. 

It’s all us. It’s not just me, but it’s everybody. 

This prayer is so wonderful. I mean, when Jesus gave a prayer to his disciples, it’s not flowery like some of the psalms. It doesn’t go on long. It’s just covers the basics. 

But one terribly basic thing here is it’s all about us. And I think what it says to me is that when I’m praying for my needs, I’m also including others’ needs, using this as a guide. 

Give me my daily bread. Give us our daily bread. Forgive me my sins. Forgive us our sins. It’s all– all of us are in this together. 

There are studies, scientific studies, about the effectiveness of prayer. They’re very– they prove that prayer really does make a difference. 

But one problem I have with some of them is they’ll try to do a control where some people won’t be prayed for while others are. I think it’s quite impossible, because I think when you’re praying, even for yourself, mystically you’re also expanding your universe and praying for others. 

And when you’re praying for others, you also are praying for yourself. Not his father, my father, your father. Our father who art in heaven. The Lord’s Prayer. 


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