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Become an OurPrayer Volunteer

It takes just one hour a week, from your own home or office and offers hope for others.

Become an OurPrayer volunteer. Photo: Medioimages/Photodisc, Thinkstock.

Each year, for more than 40 years now, Guideposts, through its outreach ministry OurPrayer, hosts a Good Friday Day of Prayer in Pawling, New York. All are welcome to come and read prayer requests from people around the world.

I remember attending Good Friday Day of Prayer with my parents and siblings and then as a young adult on my own. I feel fortunate to live close enough to Pawling that I can now bring my children to read prayer requests too.

Become an OurPrayer volunteer. Photo: Medioimages/Photodisc, Thinkstock.“I pray to be healed, restored, renewed and blessed mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically and financially. As I am now in pain, sick and tired and useless. May God richly bless all you prayer warriors. Thank you so much,” read a prayer request last Good Friday.

I brought this one home with me, as I do with one request each year, to keep on my desk so I can continue praying for that person throughout the year.

OurPrayer is a community of faith that has been comforting people through the power of prayer for more than 60 years. OurPrayer offers confidential, free prayer support, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Volunteers pray by name and need for each request, bringing the personalized attention and focus that each prayer deserves.

Volunteers pray for people they might never meet in person, yet they are able to make a connection with each individual, giving those in need the reassurance that they are being heard and cared for.

As we all know, this connectedness can provide hope in times of hurt and despair, as well as celebration in times of joy and gratitude.

Do you want to help others in their time of need? Volunteer to be a prayer partner. It takes just one hour a week, from your own home or office.

You can pray online, or write prayers online. I’ve met a number of volunteers, and they consistently say that one hour each week has enriched their spiritual lives by giving them an opportunity to focus on prayer, on others and on God and the faith and hope He provides.

My Grandmother Peale believed deeply in the power of prayer. OurPrayer was a hope (and a very large prayer!) of hers that became a reality. I know how proud she would be of the millions of lives touched through this ministry, both the lives of those prayed for and those doing the praying.

Thank you to all the OurPrayer Volunteers. Each of you is a blessing.

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