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When God Speaks to Us in Our Dreams

A rainbow and a promise appear to one young woman while sleeping–and awake.

God's promise of hope

Has God ever spoken to you in a dream?

I’ve never experienced it myself, but I’m always fascinated by those who have. Like today’s guest blogger, Patricia Small, a writer and regular Guideposts contributor. You might remember her dream about a comforting and healing pool of water from Mysterious Ways magazine.

That wasn’t the only time Patricia found comfort from God in a dream, though.

Here’s her story… 

“All I have needed, Thy hand hath provided, great is Thy faithfulness, Lord unto Me.” How many times have I offered these words as a prayer of thanksgiving, as I look back to God’s faithfulness to me.

Like when I was 34 years old and found myself recently divorced, alone, having to start over financially, and realizing how desperately I wanted children. I was scared and crying out to God for help and comfort. And then the dreams came.

The first one came in the middle of the night and was so startling that I woke up right away. In the dream, I saw a partial rainbow arch right above my bed. “Where did that come from?” I wondered before dropping my head back on my pillow. Sleep quickly overcame me, as did a second dream. This time, the arch had grown and was now the equivalent of half a rainbow. “What in the world?” I thought when I woke up. “Lord, what do these dreams mean?”

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I knew that rainbows can be a symbol of God’s promises, and I sensed God trying to speak His promises to me in a personal way. But what was He saying? “Lord, if you’re speaking to me, please let me see another rainbow,” I prayed. I knew that if the sign came from God, I would know it.

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Two days later, my 5-year-old niece Suzanne came to sleep over. She was a sensitive and spiritual child. Our favorite time together was reading stories before bedtime, and then saying our evening prayers. She looked forward to this time as much as I did. So I was surprised when, around bedtime, I heard her rummaging around my art supplies instead of getting ready for sleep.

“Can I watercolor, Aunt Patricia?” she asked me.

“Well, it’s time to go to bed now,” I said gently. “We can watercolor in the morning.”

Early the next morning, I was awakened by Suzanne going through my art supplies. “Can I watercolor now, Aunt Patricia?” she said. The morning was chilly and I was once again perplexed at her wanting to be out of her warm bed to watercolor. “Sure, sweetheart,” I said. I sleepily stumbled into the kitchen and returned with a little cup of water for her to dip her brush in.

I quickly, because of the cold, returned to bed. I could’ve easily drifted back to sleep. But then I heard Suzanne’s sweet little voice. “You know what I’m gonna make you, Aunt Tricia?” she said. “I’m gonna make you a rainbow, and I’m gonna put you under the rainbow.”

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That was it. The rainbow I was waiting for! I recognized my Father’s voice and the tears came. Especially when I saw Suzanne’s painting.

Me, smiling with a giant rainbow above me, my hands raised to the sky. A sign of God’s promise. That He would never leave me, that He always had me. That I wasn’t alone.  

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