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Why Stars Like Nicole and Madonna Look So Youthful

Why exercise, wearing sunscreen and drinking water are some of the many tips to stay young.

I saw a headline this week that read “Celebrity Secrets: Why Stars Like Nicole and Madonna Look So Youthful.” I was curious. What I learned made me laugh. The stars’ secrets ranged from using hyperbaric oxygen chambers to leeches (I am not joking!) to botox.

Here are Theresa’s Secrets: Real-Life, Anti-Aging Tips for Every Woman:

•    Take your make-up off every single night, even if you are too tired.

•    Cleanse your face every single morning and evening.

•    Use a really good anti-aging eye cream every morning and before going to bed. Always start from the outside of the eye and lightly dab the cream under your eyes.

•    Wear sunscreen everyday on your face. If I’m out of face moisturizer, I use my sunscreen. It does the same thing!

•    When you are home do not wear any make-up and give your face a much-needed rest.

•    When you work out, do not wear any make-up. This allows your pores to breathe easily and they do not get clogged.

•    If you don’t have time to shower after a workout, wash your face in the ladies room sink and then apply moisturizer. 

•    Drink lots of water all day long and during the middle of the night if you wake up. I keep bottled water beside my bed—my body craves water!

•    Breath deeply. I really believe this helps decrease facial wrinkles.

•    Don’t drink out of straws—the puckering causes lip wrinkles.

•    Eat salmon three times a week, as well as blueberries (along with lots of salad and broccoli). I can see a difference in my skin when I eat fish and berries—they really do promote a youthful look.

Working out is my number one tip to staying and looking young. Exercise makes me feel like a kid all over again. Especially working with the stability ball, it’s so much fun and very challenging. Having fun shows up on your face!

Most importantly, I seek God daily and try not to compare myself to the younger looking females that grace the cover of almost every magazine.


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Theresa is a former model and nationally certified fitness professional who teaches people to use their faith to inspire fitness and their fitness to strengthen their faith. She is the author of Shaped by Faith: 10 Secrets to Strengthening your Body & Soul, and two exercise DVDS: Pilates for the Soul

She and her husband, Robin, have seven children and live in Calhoun, Kentucky.

You can email her with any questions or concerns.

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