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Gone Fishing with the Grandkids

A hobby that allows time for grandparents to build memories and offer life lessons

Fishing with grandkid

Each of our grandchildren received a special gift at their baby showers. Tucked among the gaily wrapped packages of tiny outfits, soft baby blankets and diapers, was a little fishing pole from Granddaddy to his new grandchild. Six fishing poles for six grandchildren. Six unspoken promises to spend time together and to make memories through the years. 

Over the past eight years since our oldest granddaughter was born, those promises have been kept. All of our grandchildren love to fish with Granddaddy. On our family trip to Hilton Head Island in South Carolina awhile back, I soaked in the sweetness of the moment as my husband and our three sons fished with the newest generation of Cox fishermen and fisherwomen.

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Tucked away in the snapshots in my heart, I see the three-year-old twins Eden and Ethan sitting side by side by the pond, waiting for a fish to jump on their hooks. Five-year-old Jack and six-year-old Anna talk nonstop as they reel and cast their lines into the water.

We’ve had a few instances of hooks caught in trees instead of floating in the water, and one of the little ones even hooked a cousin—thankfully with no injuries. Four-year-old Ava has proved that she inherited the family fishing gene, pulling fish after fish onto the shore. Fun times indeed. 

Those moments bring back memories of when their daddies were little, fishing in that same pond—cherished moments that went by way too fast. And now, here we were with their children.

June 18 is “Go Fishing Day,” and I think that’s awesome. There are so many benefits of spending the day at the lake, river or ocean.

Fishing provides a great way to enjoy God’s creation as you spend time outdoors. It also provides food for your table–what could be better than a fish fry with freshly-caught trout or bass? Also, those moments by the water are relaxing and a fabulous way to relieve stress.

Spending days like that with your family lets them know that you’ve put everything else on hold so you can be with them. And it’s a great way to weave in a spiritual object lesson for your children or grandchildren as you talk about fishing for souls and how God calls us fishers of men.

Sometimes with our busy schedules, it’s hard to find time to go fishing with our family and friends, but we should make time for it. After all, even Jesus had some fishing buddies and cooked fish on the beach!

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