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Why You Should Bite Your Tongue

When your inner voice is screaming, something better is waiting beyond the noise.

bite your tongue

So you think you can’t take it. You think you’re going to burst, go nuts, explode. It’s possible, but here’s a fact: nine times out of ten the worst of the problem will pass within 15 minutes. That’s because the worst of the problem isn’t the person you’re dealing with or the situation you’re in, but your own feelings. And feelings pass. If we let them.

If you knew someone’s life depended on how you handled your frustration, could you hold on for five minutes? Ten? Fifteen? Probably. You might grit your teeth to calcium dust, but you could do it.

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If you knew that your relationship with God would grow deeper in proportion to your ability to bite your tongue, could you hold it? I think so. I really do.

So if it’s actually possible to “take it,” why not let the Holy Spirit seal your lips and give you wisdom? Why not quiet that inner voice that’s screaming about what you can’t handle? Because chances are you can… and maybe even should.

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