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Working with Passion Every Day

We all have gifts and a part to play in life. Do it with energy and enthusiasm. God will see.

Do your job with passion, energy and enthusiasm. God will notice.

When we work with passion, it makes a huge difference. The dictionary defines passion as “strong or powerful emotion; boundless enthusiasm.” Having enthusiasm when taking on responsibilities is what separates us from others in our fields. Passion enhances the skills we bring to our workplace, ministry and community. It fuels our purpose in life.

The Italian Renaissance artist Michelangelo had a passion for sculpting. Before his 30th birthday he had completed two of his masterpieces: the Pietà and the David.

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In his early 30s he was summoned by Pope Julius II to sculpt a magnificent papal tomb but was then asked to work on a painting project. At first, Michelangelo wanted to refuse, having no desire to paint a dozen figures in a small chapel in the Vatican. When the Pope pressed him, he reluctantly agreed to do the work.

Once he accepted the assignment, Michelangelo was fully committed. He expanded the project from the depiction of the Twelve Apostles to more than 400 figures and nine scenes from the Book of Genesis.

For four grueling years the artist laid on his back on a scaffolding, painting the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. He paid a great price. His friends didn’t even recognize him from all the physical effects of the grueling work. When asked why he was working so diligently on a dark corner of the Sistine Chapel that no one would ever see, Michelangelo replied, “God will see.”

Everyone is called to do their part and use their gifts to make our world a better place. We need bridge builders, advocates for justice, messengers of love, artists and much more. It takes a multitude of people using their talents for the betterment of humanity.

And when we do our part in the world with passion, even when others may not recognize or see it, we know that God will see it. What are you passionate about? How are you doing your part? Please share with us.

Lord, help me to do my part in building a better world with great passion.

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