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Maturing in Our Faith

Just like any other skill, it takes time and practice to deepen our spirituality.

Reading the Bible

For the past few months, I’ve had the fun of watching three of my grandchildren (ages 5, 5 and 8) at their gymnastics lessons. I’ll admit that I had a few chuckles as their tumbles went sideways, and they flipped and flopped around the floor. But they had a big time. The season culminated last week with a large gymnastics show where attendees from all the classes showed off what they’d learned.

The show began with the class of toddlers. They were adorable as they ran with tiny steps and then took a hop onto the mat. Then they’d raise their arms in triumph, pride etched across their little faces. No real skills were there, but they thought they’d done great, and they made up for their lack of skills in cuteness. 

As the show progressed with different age levels, the level of expertise increased, the flips recognizable as such, and treks from one end of the balance beam to the other were made without falls. 

The show-stopper segment began with mostly older children. Those young athletes were a thing of beauty as they took flying leaps and tumbled across the mat. Applause rang out again and again as they impressed the crowd.

It didn’t take me long to identify the ones who’d spent long hours working on their skills. They’d matured and mastered what they were doing—and they made me wish that I could leap and soar through the air like they did. Near the end of the show, one of the instructors showed off his expertise to the crowd, and that’s where it became apparent that the young gymnasts were following the master.

Then God whispered to my soul, “It’s the same way with My children. Those who’ve spent long hours with Me mature in their faith. They become something of beauty, someone that is noticed by others, because they’ve become more like Me.”

Just as those young gymnasts spent hours honing their skills, working out and toning their muscles, we can do the same spiritually by delving deeply into God’s Word, by finding “be still” time where we can hear His voice by sharing our hearts in prayer to Him and by putting what we’ve learned into action so that others can know Him.

And if we follow God and work hard to mature spiritually as we tumble through the ups and downs of life, maybe we can inspire others to want to follow Him. 

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