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Trust God’s Unfailing Love

Watch this helpful video on the importance of trusting God’s unfailing love.


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[MUSIC PLAYING] – Hi, I’m Ty’Ann. I have a prayer tip for you. You know life has taught me that sometimes love can fail you. People change, life changes, decisions are made, you’re left out all alone, and voila, love has failed again. But Psalm 13:5 says, “Lord I trust in your unfailing love. I rejoice at your salvation.” There’s one love that will never fail you, and that’s God’s love.

He sent His Son, Jesus Christ, that you would have abundant life and His Spirit to come for you. So the next time you feel like trust has failed you, love has failed you, I want you say in your prayer time, “Lord, I trust in your unfailing love.” Come on, say it with me, “Lord, I trust in your unfailing love.” Amen. God bless you.

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