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No Matter How Long It Takes

How she continued on her weight loss journey without thinking of time.

As I pulled into the parking lot of our local gym the other evening I had difficulty finding a place to park. All these people with their New Year’s resolutions, I thought. 

Then it occurred to me how many times I have made that same resolution to lose weight and get in shape. I always started out with good intentions, but they quickly fell by the wayside as week after week I became more disheartened at the slow pace of the weight loss, if any at all.

Finally out of utter frustration I’d just give up. As my thoughts turned back to the many new folks who had just joined the gym, I wondered how many of these people will do the exact same thing I have done so many times and give up within a few weeks?

Living in an age of instant gratification we expect things to happen instantly, but as the saying goes, Nothing is worth having if it isn’t worth waiting for

With the help of the GUIDEPOSTS Dream Team I finally determined in my heart that I was worthy to lose this weight once and for all—no matter how long it takes. I was not giving up this time!

My weight-loss journey began slowly just like so many other times before. Weeks went by before I saw any progress on the scale. Julie and Theresa kept reminding me it’s not what’s on the scale that counts. Just keep working on getting stronger and healthier. 

Finally after about four weeks I began to see some progress, but what I remember most was the renewed vigor and endurance I had.

By the third or fourth month a transformation began to happen that was wonderful. My husband told me that my whole countenance had changed. I was happier and had so much more energy. My hair, complexion, and nails looked healthier and the weight loss I had achieved by that point was really beginning to show outwardly. People began to take notice and started asking me how I was doing it? I’d tell them I’m just eating healthy and exercising. 

We all know what we should do; we just need to do it. And the key is to keep on doing it and never stop. Hebrews 10:36 (New International Version) tells us: You need to persevere so that when you have done the will of God, you will receive what he has promised.

With this thought in mind I wonder how full the parking lot will be in a couple of months when folks have given up because of such little progress.

My husband once explained to me how our metabolism works by vividly comparing it to a train. It takes awhile for the train to get moving, but once it does it’s hard to stop it. Now that my train is moving I’m going to continue my journey no matter how long it takes!

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