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3 Easy, Inexpensive Ways to Spruce Up Your Home for Spring

You don’t have to break the bank to freshen and energize your home.


Spring is the season of newness, a time when we let the light in and take a fresh look at what we love about our lives, and what we are inspired to change or improve. For me, this involves a lot of cleaning out of old things that no longer bring pleasure to my days. But I also feel an impulse each spring to bring in something bright and new—especially when it comes to home décor.

This year, I am even more invested in this process than usual—we are embarking on a small renovation project. As excited as I am about a little new space and better flow, though, I am finding the most joy in planning how I will redecorate the post-project space.

As anyone who has ever done a renovation knows, home improvements don’t come cheap. But my research quickly revealed good news. There are myriad ways to freshen up your home’s décor without breaking the bank. Here are three I’m most intrigued by this spring: 

1.  Spruce Up Your Stairs
If you have uncarpeted stairs, a new look is just a few dollars away. Focus on your risers, the vertical part of each step. A simple coat of paint in a pleasing accent color will bring your stairway to life. Or, shop online for vinyl decals to stick onto your risers, offering an eye-catching pattern—or even a series of affirming words like “faith,” “joy,” and “love”—to transform a trip upstairs into a positive reminder of the values at the core of your home and family.

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2.  Use What You Have
Before you hit the stores in search of new adornments for your walls and side tables, look at what you’ve already collected—whether you’ve officially been building a collection or not. If you have a number of mismatched plates, create an interesting display by hanging them over a fireplace or in a kitchen or dining room. Vases or candles of different heights can be arranged on a console table, and a variety of picture frames can make an impactful statement when grouped together on a wall. I’ve displayed a pile of different-sized, old-fashioned keys I found on eBay in an inexpensive shadow box at my house. Looking for collections of objects can give new life to your old things. 

3.  Enhance Your Entryway
The way people—yourself included—enter your home sets the tone for what’s inside. Give your entrance a fresh, updated and inviting look by replacing the numbers outside your house, painting your door in a distinctive color like red, yellow or purple, or laying down a clean, new door mat. Your guests will feel welcome—and you will feel right at home!

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